Everytime I pick up the wand to the clinic’s laser light therapy machine, a little voice inside my head says, “Luke, I am your father!”  And there I am standing in the Deathstar ready to take a run at Darth Vader with my lightsaber.  It sounds silly, I know, but don’t we all have a little Luke Skywalker in us?

I’ll be honest and tell you that when I first became aware of laser light therapy I was skeptical.  I was familiar with surgical lasers that are used like scalpels to remove unwanted tissue or seal blood vessels with their intense heat.  But this was light!? What was light going to do?  I am a person of science, data, results…..here’s what I learned that changed my mind about laser light therapy.

First, what is laser light therapy?  Here’s some technical speak on that.  Low level laser light produces photons that penetrate deep into tissues.  The photons are absorbed into cells which initiate a photo-chemical response.  The response blocks nerve impulses, accelerates tissue repair, increases circulation and reduces swelling.  It can be used for dental procedures, ear infections, arthritis, wounds and a ton of other things.  Sweet, right?

Well, O.K.  So, skeptical me stays quiet and monitors the ‘sitch.  One of the reasons I love animals so much is that they don’t lie.  They don’t have preconceived notions, ulterior motives or human hang-ups.  Those reasons are exactly WHY I know laser light therapy works.  Take Corona for starters:

Corona, is a chihuahua that has so many issues that to list them here would turn this blog into a book.  However, the reason Corona’s owner decided to try laser light therapy was due to severe arthritis, calcified discs & pain at the site of a previous leg fracture.  Little man was on so many meds that his owner was looking for an alternative to adding more and more drugs for pain management.  His quality of life was on the decline.

At the start of Corona’s 2nd laser treatment we asked his owner how he was doing?….had she noticed any changes?  A resounding “YES!”  Corona had curled up into a ball to sleep, tucking his nose under his rear limbs!  The owner couldn’t remember the last time she had seen him able to do that.  By the time the 3rd and subsequent treatments were done, he was jumping at his toys, wanting to go on walks and barking at the neighbors just for funsies.  These normal behaviors were proof that the therapy was valid and successful.  Thanks to continued maintenance with laser light therapy Corona’s days of laying in one spot and watching the world go by are over.  He has new vigor and quality of life that lets his owner know she made the right choice in taking a chance on a new therapy.

Since then, I have seen this therapy used in more and different ways.  It seems everyday we find a new use.  So beware Darth Vader…Laser light is here to stay:)