Anxious pets are more difficult to calm down and treat at the veterinary practice. You can help make veterinary visits more relaxing for your pet-and the team treating your pet-with these easy steps:

  • Plan frequent visits. Come to our veterinary clinic just for fun, especially if your pet is fearful. It’s best for you to visit during a quiet part of the day. Please call and ask to come by, we would love to play and socialize. This will allow your pet to start associating the clinic with fun things, not always the bad.
  • Meet the team. Our team members would love to meet your pets one on one. We could do small training sessions in the parking lot, lobby and exam rooms. Working your pet through some tricks and playtime can ease their anxieties over time. Rather than being afraid they learn to relax, because all we do is play and give treats. We would start with the receptionist and work all the way up to the Dr’s.
  • Talk to us. We’re here to help . Our team looks forward to working with you to create a better visit with your dog or cat. If you need extra help to prepare for a visit, please call us and we can offer guidance to make visits relaxing and fun.