What I am about to reveal to you is in the strictest of confidence.  An event so traumatizing that it is only spoken of in hushed tones, if at all.In a town far, far away (if 15 minutes is far) and a time long ago there was a woman (o.k., so yes, it was me.) with a dog.  A sweet dog, a loving dog, but alas, a naughty dog called Dill.  Try as I might, there was one word this dog would not learn…..Come.

So one dark and stormy night…..O.K. already…one warm summer evening as I readied for bed, I heard a noise in the front yard.  The rest of the family was on a fishing trip so I was home alone with the dogs.  I decided to investigate (rookie horror movie mistake).  I turned on the porch light and peeked my head carefully out the door.  I saw nothing for a minute, then just as I saw the squirrel, so did Dill.  Knocking me off balance he bolted past, out the door and away!

I stood there for what seemed an eternity, watching Dill get smaller on the horizon and contemplating.  Contemplating my dignity, my mistake at not having his microchip registered and how a young boy would ask me, “Dude, where’s my dog?”  These thoughts lasted a micro-second and I was off like a shot.  Running down Main Street barefoot and in my under-drawers.

You see, Dill is a Beagle.  Which means when he runs, he RUNS.  Like Wonder Woman, my under-drawers and I chased him through the town streets.  Streets with Saturday night cruising traffic, horns honking, me mortified and Dill thinking what a great game this all was.  I finally cornered him in someone’s backyard. I snatched him up & stomped home with stone-bruises & grass stains, telling him the whole time he was lucky I was a good person.Why am I exploiting my humiliation? Why for you dear reader.  I want everyone to know the benefits of pet identification and microchipping (AND registering that microchip).   If I had registered that microchip, I would have felt like clothes were an option that ridiculous night.

Here’s the Straight Poo:

The statistics surrounding pet loss:

  • 1 in 3 pets will get lost during their lifetime
  • 10 million pets get lost every year
  • Without ID, 90% of lost pets never return home
  • HomeAgain (the microchips ESAC uses) reunites 10,000 pets with their owners every month
  • Getting lost is the #1 cause of death to pets

Points 3 and 5 should shake every pet owner.  It’s scary to think of your little Fifi out there cold, alone and with no hope of return.  Secondly, how dare a new family find your Fido and get the benefits of your hard work and training.  All those months of returning home to chewed up shoes and the battle against midnight garbage raids! Let them get their own dog.  There are plenty in the shelter waiting to get rescued because they….what’s that?…weren’t microchipped.  See what I did there?;)

The reality is, even if you never intend to let your pet out unattended, life has a way of just happening.  A handyman leaves the front door open, a random, out of season firework spooks Fido right out of the back yard,  a natural disaster seperates you from Fifi or God forbid a squirrel has the audacity to enter your dog’s yard at the critical moment you decide to peek out the door.

Save your Wonder Woman outfit for Halloween and get your pets microchipped.  It’s for safety, your peace of mind and streaking pet owner prevention:)