We all love the occasional summertime frozen treat and Fido is no different.Give these a try:

The Lazy-Gal–This is my favorite because of the sheer ease and the fact that I can share in the treat with my dog. Just cube your fruit (NO GRAPES, they’re toxic to Fido) and freeze it. That’s it, viola! You are now a super chef in your dogs eyes! Sit out on the deck and play one-for-you-one-for-me.

The Artic Chicken--Fill your popsicle molds or even empty yogurt cups with no salt chicken broth. You can even make it interesting and add bits of carrot and green bean.

Time Freeze--Take a plastic ice cream bucket, fill it with water or no salt chicken broth. Add your pet’s favorite chew toys and some tasty fruit or veggie treats. Freeze. Now you have a “toy/treat” that is sure to keep your dog busy for some time!

There are many recipes around the internet to try. Be sure you consider your pet’s health, size (choking hazards) and dietary restrictions when choosing one to try. Avoid dairy products, most animals are lactose intolerant. Take a minute to review unsafe foods for pets here. Remember to give these as occasional treats and don’t overdo it. Too much of anything can make us sick.


Whether it’s jogging, yoga or something in between, get Fido involved. Physical activity is hugely important to your pet’s health and the time together will strengthen your bond. There’s a surprising amount of activities your dog can enjoy with you so long as you take the right precautions. Here’s a few tips for safe pet exercise:

**Always check with your vet to see if your pet is healthy enough for the activity, has the appropriate vaccines and is current on parasite preventions.

**Plan activities for the coolest times of the day. Don’t overdo it. Watch Fido for signs of fatigue. Click here for more on pet heat safety.

**Bring water and poop bags. Keep hydrated and be a good citizen

**Have a pet first aid kit on hand. Play boyscout and be prepared.


Be it the sprinklers and kiddie pool in the back yard or summer on the beach, get wet with Fido. Water play is fantastic exercise and so much fun! Time floating in the water can also ease arthritic pains as a bonus.

Provided you are prepared and proactive, you and Fido can have a summer of splashtastic! Check here for pet water safety guidelines.








Pets are being welcomed into more and more places and events.  These are great opportunities for you and your dog to socialize and meet new friends.  Strut your mutt and make this your and Fido’s Summer of Boho.

**Dog Parks–Do’s and Don’ts
**Festivals--Keep the fun train rolling
**Outdoor Cafes–Mind your P’s & Q’s
**Volunteering/Fun Run’s--6 Volunteering Ideas

So grab your floppy hat and start the search for your next outing with your best 4-legged friend. Check here for local events.


Camping is a great past time to share with your pet. Outdoor sports, hiking trails, relaxing campfires, geocaching and more. Camping can be a weekend trip to a full-on vacation option. It can even be a great opportunity to practice your pet’s “tricks” and enforce positive behaviors. Check here for tips on keeping camping with your pet fun and safe.